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Request a Mentor

Contact us if you’re interested in requesting a mentor and starting a business with the help of Inmates to Entrepreneurs.

As always, our services are free of charge.

“America is a country of second chances. If people aren’t given a second chance, they will return to old habits and repeat their past mistakes. Inmates to Entrepreneurs seeks to help people start over by providing them the information needed to become productive participants in our society.”

Brian Hamilton
Chairman, Sageworks and Founder, Inmates to Entrepreneurs

“The session was VERY well received! For this particular group, we ended up having a mix of participants both with and without criminal backgrounds. This actually worked out great because everyone found it interesting and informative. Even individuals who had not considered the idea of a small business were intrigued and learned some important things.

Lawrence, I also really loved your message of professionalism. It is something we repeatedly stress and I think everyone benefited from hearing this message even if just at a personal level.”

Randy Lee
CSS Workforce New York