Hear from people who have been involved with Inmates to Entrepreneurs: mentors, incarcerated individuals and administrators from some of the correctional institutions that have hosted an Inmates to Entrepreneurs talk.


“Being a mentor has been great. I like giving back- I feel like the more success I have the more information I should give to the next person so they can have that same success.”

Brandon Lowery


“I refuse to believe that your purpose on earth is to get up, work, pay bills, and go to sleep. You need to leave something for the people that are behind you. And in this program, this is what we are doing.”

A.J. Ware

A.J. Ware


“I’ve never worked with a group of people more appreciative for the support and guidance they’re being given than the group I’ve worked with at Inmates to Entrepreneurs. Volunteering with Inmates to Entrepreneurs is a simple way to make a real difference in someone’s life.”

Jackie Drumm


“This eight-week course has helped me realize that I can accomplish my goals.”

Benicio Thomas

Eight Week Course Participant


“I got more out of this class than I did in the last three years of going to school for business.”

La’Kia Young

Eight Week Course Participant


“I would like to say I truly enjoyed the seminar. It proved to be extremely beneficial for me. Thank you.”


Nash Correctional Institution, Nashville, N.C.


“I really enjoyed your class. I only wish we could have taken up more of your time. It was really beneficial to me. I could tell you really have a passion for what you do by the way you went into detail and made sure we understood what you were telling and teaching us. Thank you again for the opportunity.”


Nash Correctional Institution, Nashville, N.C.


“Prior to finding Inmates to Entrepreneurs, I had been contemplating just what I would do with the rest of my life after my release. I have been so self-centered and self-absorbed, but I am now committed to helping others who also struggle with addiction or with disillusioned young people. I only hope to be as passionate about this as you are with your endeavor.”


Orange Correctional Center, Hillsborough, N.C.


“I just want to tell you what a wonderful thing you are doing. This is a great chance to slow down the revolving door of our prisons. Please keep up the good work.”


Orange Correctional Center, Hillsborough, N.C.


“Coming out here to enlighten us with your knowledge speaks volumes, for there are many who sit back and castigate inmates for their incarceration instead of trying to help us or understand us as individuals. Not all of us are bad people; we just made errors in judgment. Consequently, we are paying the prices for our transgressions. I truly look forward to another appearance.”


Nash Correctional Institution, Nashville, N.C.


“I would like to start by showing my gratitude, I’ve come to the realization that I live in a society which tends to overlook convicted inmates, so I’m thankful for the time you contribute to instill hope in our lives.”


Duplin Correctional Center, Kenansville, N.C.


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending Jeremiah over to speak to us today!  Not only was his presentation of materials perfect, but his personal presentation was also exemplary (we discuss personal presence in our classes and how important it is in business). The students received a tremendous amount of practical information from him. We appreciate all of your efforts in getting this together, and of course Jeremiah’s time.”

Marilyn Whitney

Gaston College


“The session was VERY well received! For this particular group, we ended up having a mix of participants both with and without criminal backgrounds. This actually worked out great because everyone found it interesting and informative. Even individuals who had not considered the idea of a small business were intrigued and learned some important things. Lawrence, I also really loved your message of professionalism. It is something we repeatedly stress and I think everyone benefited from hearing this message even if just at a personal level.

Thank you again, Lawrence! The presentation was very well organized and thorough. You are a natural at this sort of thing!”

Randy Lee

CSS Workforce New York


“The offenders at Forsyth Correctional Center were very eager to receive information about how to start their own business. They were motivated and excited to know that by taking basic steps, their dreams of becoming a business owner were not shattered due to negative choices from their past. They talked about this presentation for weeks.”

LaTonya Delapp

Forsyth Correctional Center


“The inmates appeared to be amazed at the information, and they have requested that Inmates to Entrepreneurs comes back. Many of the inmates possess very useful skills to secure employment. They are talented beauticians, mechanics, and roofing and flooring professionals, yet they are keenly aware that they will now be hindered due to their criminal record. As a result, many inmates are interested in starting their own business.”

Beverly Bess

North Piedmont Correctional Center for Women


“The inmates were very receptive to this program. I heard many of them make comments that the session would help them get back on the right track. It allowed them to see a plan for employment upon their release.”

Roger Shepard

Duplin Correctional Center


“I wanted to say “Thank You” for your wonderful program and sending such a talented entrepreneur to speak with our clients here at Freedom House. Scott, you have been an inspiration to our clients and several have expressed a sincere interest in moving forward with what they have learned with you.”

Karen Wright

Freedom House Recovery Center


“Thank you for sending Scott and Jeremiah to my class this morning! They gave a tremendous presentation that was very well received by my students. It was very powerful for them to hear how Scott and Jeremiah have found success through determination in their respective fields. I think it makes the goal seem much more attainable. I saw one student this morning tell them after their presentation that it had changed his outlook on life.”

John Robinson

Newton Correctional