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A.J. Ware on Inmates to Entrepreneurs

TED is an event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our future. TEDx is the local TED initiative.

Meet the group turning inmates into entrepreneurs

“They’re just regular people, they make mistakes, they get out. They want to work, they want to be productive, but there is systemic discrimination against these people in getting jobs,” Brian Hamilton said, the founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs.

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Inmates to Entrepreneurs launches free course in Wilmington

“Inmates to entrepreneurs is all about helping people who have been incarcerated start businesses,” founder and co-director Brian Hamilton said.

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Inmates to Entrepreneurs Program On Its Way to Wilmington

“Hamilton has been working with inmates since the early 1990s. The idea for the program developed while he was at a minimum security prison and found out how difficult it can be for inmates to find a job after prison.”

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Business education, one prison at a time.

There is ideally a moment or two in our evolution into emotionally intelligent beings where we recognize that we have been taking some things in life for granted.

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Passions: Teaching entrepreneurship to Prisoners

Students in Brian Hamilton’s entrepreneurship class face a bigger challenge than a lack of funding: They are serving time in prison for crimes such as robbery and drug dealing.

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Tackling The Prison Problem

1. They’re teaching former inmates how to start their own businesses. 2. They’re giving former inmates jobs. 3. They’re giving former inmates a chance.

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Chairman’s Business Savvy is Just The Break Inmates Need

Brian Hamilton’s crash course on starting and running your own business is designed for prison inmates but could benefit anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions but no experience.

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Former Inmates who Struggled to Find Work Tell Moneyish About Starting Their Business

“It’s a titanic problem,” said Brian Hamilton, founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, which helps formerly incarcerated individuals launch their own businesses through mentorship, networking and online resources. “Just having a criminal charge on your record for shoplifting is hurting someone’s chances of trying to get a job, let alone a drug charge or a violent charge.”

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Ex-offenders Must Take Employment Into Their Own Hands

“If you look carefully at the history of the United States, you find that every underprivileged group was able to improve its position through education or entrepreneurship.”   Read more

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Room to Mess-Up: Nonprofits and Innovation

“Inmates to Entrepreneurs continues to grow and make an impact because they have room to try new things.”

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Raleigh Program Helps These Entrepreneurs Beat the System

“If someone is willing to commit their time to learning more about something and improving themselves, their success rate is inherently higher,” said Inmates to Entrepreneurs Director Jackie Parker. “Our program provides a large network of support that an individual starting their businesses on their own may not (and probably do not) have.”

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