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Helping Former Inmates Become Entrepreneurs

Brian Hamilton and AJ Ware, of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, discuss how the organization helps former inmates transition to entrepreneurs.

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Meet the group turning inmates into entrepreneurs

“They’re just regular people, they make mistakes, they get out. They want to work, they want to be productive, but there is systemic discrimination against these people in getting jobs,” Brian Hamilton said, the founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs.

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Inmates to Entrepreneurs launches free course in Wilmington

“Inmates to entrepreneurs is all about helping people who have been incarcerated start businesses,” founder and co-director Brian Hamilton said.

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A.J. Ware on Inmates to Entrepreneurs

TED is an event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our future. TEDx is the local TED initiative.

Entrepreneur Creates a Culture of Second Chances for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

“I think we need to set up a culture of second chances,” Brian said. “People make mistakes, and if we give them a second chance, maybe they won’t go back to prison. Let’s be open to the idea that everyone can get better.”

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‘Second Chance’ for ex-offenders — a proclamation but no plan to win

If we truly want to give former inmates a second chance, we need to urge Congress to require some criminal records to be expunged from the Internet, and to encourage ex-offenders to start their own businesses. Read more

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Sageworks founder cashes out to focus on a new ‘journey:’ Helping inmates

Hamilton told WRAL TechWire’s Allan Maurer that he will be leaving Sageworks to focus on his nonprofit, Inmates to Entrepreneurs, which has had success in North Carolina that he would like to extend nationally. “It’s what I’m passionate about,” he explained. “I’m happy to be getting to that part of the journey.” Read more

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Own It: Starting a Business After Prison

A.J. Ware is the co-chairman of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, a North Carolina-based program whose mission is perfectly encapsulated in its name. Inmates to entrepreneurs introduces currently and formerly incarcerated people to the opportunities and obstacles of starting your own business, and helps people make and execute a business plan both pre- and post-release from incarceration. […]

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Inmates to Entrepreneurs Expands to Charlotte

The businesses started by Inmates to Entrepreneurs graduates provide services that include landscaping, painting, commercial and residential cleaning, mobile car detailing, catering, event planning, handyman services and an array of other things. As we always say, most people don’t ask if you have a criminal record before they allow you to mow their lawn. Read […]

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Teaching Entrepreneurship, Coding Skills May Be the Way Out Of the Prison Cycle

“The prison problem now, as a social problem, is substantially worse than it was in the ’60’s. There’s more people in prison now, there’s more of the population in prison, and because of society’s structure, there’s more discrimination against these people,” explains Brian Hamilton, founder of the North Carolina-based social justice organization Inmates to Entrepreneurs. […]

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Inmates to Entrepreneurs course kicks off in New Hanover County

Around 25 people with criminal records showed up at the first Inmates to Entrepreneurs class in New Hanover County. Held in the NHC Library on Chestnut Street, the class was the first in an eight-week course aimed at helping former inmates start businesses. Read more

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‘Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ program launches in the Triad

“People who start businesses who have been incarcerated are more likely to hire people who have been incarcerated. It makes total sense. So, it’s a beautiful sort of ecosystem that we’re trying to set up,” Brian Hamilton, co-chairman, said. Read more

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