Hear from people who have been involved with Inmates to Entrepreneurs: mentors, program participants, and correctional facility administrators who have hosted a talk.

Inmates to Entrepreneurs has proven itself a high performance organization with great content, dynamic facilitators and committed leaders who are willing to help change the narrative about how society supports and cultivates opportunities for previously incarcerated people.

Kelly Little

Mentor, Greensboro Eight-Week Course

Being a mentor with Charlotte’s Inmates to Entrepreneurs (I2E) program allows me to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the business tools that they need to be successful in our society. This notion is powerful because our I2E program strengthens not only our city, but also our state and country at large.

Monica Russell

Mentor, Charlotte Eight-Week Course

Being a mentor has been great. I like giving back- I feel like the more success I have the more information I should give to the next person so they can have that same success.

Brandon Lowery

Founder, BLLC Landscaping and Royal Touch Mobile Detailing

I refuse to believe that your purpose on earth is to get up, work, pay bills, and go to sleep. You need to leave something for the people that are behind you. And in this program, this is what we are doing.

A.J. Ware

Co-Chair, Inmates to Entrepreneurs, Owner, Majestic Sports Marketing

I’ve never worked with a group of people more appreciative for the support and guidance they’re being given than the group I’ve worked with at Inmates to Entrepreneurs. Volunteering with Inmates to Entrepreneurs is a simple way to make a real difference in someone’s life.

Jackie Drumm

I didn’t think I could do it…I wanted to, but I didn’t have the belief in myself. And this program actually gave me the belief in myself, gave me a host of knowledge I never had.

Robert Skeete

Eight-Week Course Participant

The each one teach one concept of being paired up with a mentor was the really exciting part for me and that’s where the biggest courage came in that I didn’t have to figure it out by myself.

Jewel Coleman

Eight-Week Course Participant

Inmates to Entrepreneurs gave me the confidence and information I needed to start my own Commercial Cleaning Business. Listening to the men who have similar histories talk about their experiences in starting and being successful in their own business was encouraging and practical. The opportunity to work with a mentor who understands the challenges of starting and growing a business with little to no start-up costs is extremely valuable and will be a huge asset to growing my company. I look forward to becoming a mentor to someone else eventually.

John Dunbar

Eight-Week Course Participant

This eight-week course has helped me realize that I can accomplish my goals.

Benicio Thomas

Eight-Week Course Participant

I got more out of this class than I did in the last three years of going to school for business.

La’Kia Young

Eight-Week Course Participant

I really enjoyed your class. I only wish we could have taken up more of your time. It was really beneficial to me. I could tell you really have a passion for what you do by the way you went into detail and made sure we understood what you were telling and teaching us. Thank you again for the opportunity.


Nash Correctional Institution, Nashville, N.C.

Prior to finding Inmates to Entrepreneurs, I had been contemplating just what I would do with the rest of my life after my release. I have been so self-centered and self-absorbed, but I am now committed to helping others who also struggle with addiction or with disillusioned young people. I only hope to be as passionate about this as you are with your endeavor.


Orange Correctional Center, Hillsborough, N.C.

Coming out here to enlighten us with your knowledge speaks volumes, for there are many who sit back and castigate inmates for their incarceration instead of trying to help us or understand us as individuals. Not all of us are bad people; we just made errors in judgment. Consequently, we are paying the prices for our transgressions. I truly look forward to another appearance.


Nash Correctional Institution, Nashville, N.C.

I would like to start by showing my gratitude, I’ve come to the realization that I live in a society which tends to overlook convicted inmates, so I’m thankful for the time you contribute to instill hope in our lives.


Duplin Correctional Center, Kenansville, N.C.

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