ABC’s “Free Enterprise” aims to give former prisoners a second chance in life

This is my second chance in my life. That’s what the new ABC show is doing for those who were previously in jail.

Brian Hamilton is the founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs. He uses his many years of experience as an entrepreneur to help formerly imprisoned people find work and success.

The program is inspiring a new television show called “Free Enterprise” by ABC. This TV show allows former prisoners to start their own business for up to $ 500. Then help a group of mentors realize their business ideas.

“People will see them as humans, bones, muscles, and spirits. They will see them as humans. So it’s a human journey, but how they are. It’s very practical to start a business and get the first customer,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton says that giving these people a second chance in life is the basis of American society.

“So why do you do this? Because you’ve taken people out of prison who have been denied a second chance. It’s happening absolutely systematically throughout the United States,” Hamilton said.

In Erie, GECAC’s re-entry program helps previously imprisoned people find jobs and build connections within the community.

“We also evaluate the skills of our clients and see where they want to go and what they need to see their employment,” said Jesse Tate, case manager at GECAC.

Tate shows that he can use his past as a prisoner to connect with and become a productive member of society.

“But there is hope, saying,’Oh, if he can do it with a felony, I can do it.’ Well, especially when they know you, a mistake. There is no element of trust, and even those who know that you have experienced the same thing, “said Tate.

Watch “Free Enterprise” on ABC every Saturday at 11:30 am to see someone’s business flourish.

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