Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does your organization do?

A: Inmates to Entrepreneurs provides in-person and online entrepreneurship courses to help people with criminal backgrounds start, grow, and run low-capital service businesses.

We offer free entrepreneurship classes in the form of an eight-week course covering the basics of entrepreneurship and business creation. Classes are taught by individuals with real entrepreneurship experience. The course is available nationwide. See this page for more details.


Q: Does I2E offer grant funding or business loans?

A: No. Inmates to Entrepreneurs does not offer any sort of financial support including but not limited to donations, startup capital, loans, or seed funding. We teach the practice of starting and growing low-capital businesses.


Q: Does I2E offer CDL licensing, CDL courses, or funding to obtain CDLs?

A: No. Inmates to Entrepreneurs does not offer any CDL specific courses, licensing information, or funding. We teach the practice of starting, running, and growing all types of low-capital businesses.


Q: If I do not have a criminal record, can I still participate in the courses?

A:  Our eight-week courses are limited to individuals who have a criminal background or have had charges against them. However, we do offer a free self-paced course that is open to anyone.


Q: How do I bring the in-person course to my city/state?

A: Our live, online eight-week courses are currently available nationwide, as is our on-demand, online course, Starter U


Q: How much does a class cost?

A: Inmates to Entrepreneur classes are free to attend. Our self-paced course, Starter U, is also free to take.


Q: I have entrepreneurship experience. How can I become an instructor?

A:  To learn about becoming an instructor and to apply, visit our Become an Instructor page. 


Q: What is the online course, Starter U?

A: Starter U: How to Start and Grow a Business is a free, self-paced online course teaching everything you need to know to start, run, and grow a business. Through roughly ten hours of instruction, entrepreneur stories, quizzes, and discussion topics, the course covers topics like business ideation, marketing, selling, and customer service. Click here to learn more.

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