Claudia Shivers


Claudia L. Shivers is a mother, a social justice advocate, an entrepreneur, a published author with The Winters Group, and founder of Queen Coffee Bean. She has many years of experience with building community, building social capital and empowering people to advocate for themselves. She has been on several boards and worked with several non-profit organizations. One that she is most proud to have worked with is the Darryl Hunt Project in Winston-Salem, NC.

Joining the board for Inmates to Entrepreneurs is exciting for her as she is passionate about making sure all of our citizens have the tools they need to attain success, self-sufficiency, and true freedom. Entrepreneurship allows us the opportunity to reduce the rate of recidivism and mass incarceration simultaneously. She hopes to increase the critical conversations about increasing opportunities to build generational wealth among disenfranchised communities so that is a reality for anyone who wants it, not just a fairy tale that we see portrayed on television.