Scott Ogle


Scott is an experienced business leader who has been humbled by the challenges and tests of resiliency from starting and growing businesses. Most recently, he was CEO of Sageworks where he was part of a team that grew the company from a startup to a 300-person, world-class company that was purchased by a leading private equity firm. Prior to that he had experience building and selling a startup company in Silicon Valley and spent time on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch.

Scott was raised by a father who was a NC public school math teacher and mother who was an artist. He was an Eagle Scout, attended high school at the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics, and obtained his B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Most recently he has focused his attention to helping young entrepreneurs develop their businesses. His hope is to pass along to other entrepreneurs a few tips to help them miss a few of the land mines he was able to uncover through his own experiences.