Season two of Free Enterprise focusing on second chances for former inmates

SALISBURY, Md. – — Season two of Free Enterprise premieres right here on 47 ABC on Saturday, and it’s all about second chances.

The show is all about former inmates coming out of prison and starting their own low capital businesses. That could mean something like lawn care, hair services, house painting, or tons of other jobs.

Brian Hamilton, the founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, who helps the former inmates in the show, says it’s all about helping them land back on their feet after a rough time in their lives.

“The truth is that people get out of prison, it is very difficult to get a second chance,” Hamilton said. “It’s difficult to even get housing, forget about a job. So this is an answer to that, and that’s why we believe in it.”

Hamilton says season two has more stories of former inmates turning into business people with new jobs that we didn’t see in season one.

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