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About Lawrence Carpenter|Founder, SuperClean Professional Janitorial Services

Lawrence Carpenter is an Inmates to Entrepreneurs board member and has been both a mentor and speaker with the organization since 2009. Carpenter started SuperClean Professional Janitorial Services in 2002, following his own incarceration. Under his leadership, SuperClean has grown to provide commercial cleaning services in three states and has been recognized for its remarkable service by the City of Durham.

About AJ Ware|Founder, Majestic Sports Marketing

AJ Ware is co-chair of Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ Board of Directors and has been an integral part of the organization since 2009. Ware is the founding and managing partner of Majestic Sports Marketing. Ware has extensive experience in public speaking and aiding business owners in developing a diverse clientele. He has presented in over fifty prisons across the country.

About Scott Jennings|Founder, FitTech & Assembly, Pure Fit Systems

Scott Jennings is a member of the Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ Board of Directors and has been involved with the organization since 2008, first as a student and now as a mentor and speaker. Jennings is the founder and owner of FitTech & Assembly, a full-service fitness equipment company serving the Mid-Atlantic region that services, maintains, installs and sells fitness equipment.